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We offer Ford F-150, Ford Explorer, Dodge Charger, Dodge RAM and Toyota Sienna.

Fair prices, included toll, mileage, insurance and fuel.


Fair Rates

We have developed a price model that serves a variety of needs. Renting Us Cars is available for everyone!

Full Gasoline Tank

You get a car with filled fully gasoline tank. Everything is set to go. Just Rent&Enjoy

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We’ve got you covered, our support team is available on the Phone 24 hours in a day 7 days in a week

Dodge Charger

From 2900 czk/day 

 2015    5.7 Hemi    Petrol

 Automatic    375 Hp    55000km

Ford f-150

From 2900 czk/day

 2016    5.0    Petrol

 Automatic   420 Hp   85000km

Toyota sienna

From 2900 czk//day

 2014    3.5    Petrol

 Automatic   270 Hp   65000km

Ford Explorer

From 2900 czk/day

 2016    3.5    Petrol

 Automatic   365 Hp   60000km

dodge ram

From 2900 czk/day

 2016    5.7 Hemi    Petrol

 Automatic   375 Hp   47000km

USA Car experience in prague

In Czech Republic, we know it’s really hard to rent a real Usa. That’s why we don’t just aim to offer Prague drivers the best selection of Usa cars around – that’s not enough! Our goal is to ensure every aspect of your experience renting our car, whether you’re renting it for 1 day or a month, is the very best it can be. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Real usa cars

Multiple pickup & dropoff locations

Easy & simple renting contract

24/7 support - Phone, Email, messengers etc.

Same day delivery

Full insurance

Renting A USA Car Has Never Been Easier!

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Saying the customer in the first place is not only a simple phrase for us, but a fundamental value of all employees of our company. We believe that only on the basis of long-term and satisfied cooperation with customers we will be able to offer the best services on the market. We are ready for the most demanding wishes that we can fulfill with our cars. Come and see for yourself and sit with us at the wheel of your dreams.

What do rental prices include?

Rental prices include liability insurance and motor vehicle accident insurance in Europe, vignettes and 200 km/day limited mileage according to your wish.

When are miles charged and how much does it cost?

Rental prices are set limited to 200 km per day prices. 

If you drive more kilometers, you will be charged for each kilometer driven above the daily limit. You can find specific prices of over – kilometers directly on the pages of individual cars.

What is the fee for delivering a car outside Prague?

Car delivery in Prague is absolutely free. For delivery and / or return of a vehicle outside of Prague we charge a rate per km depending on the type of vehicle and a flat fee (CZK 500 domestic / CZK 1000 abroad) for delivery / return of the vehicle.

On the car pages you will find rates for 1 km for each vehicle

What is a refundable deposit and what is it for?

The amount of the refundable deposit is determined according to the conditions of the car insurance and the amount of the maximum deductible in case of 100% damage to the vehicle.

A refundable deposit of the specified amount can be paid by bank transfer or in cash before renting the vehicle. 

Are fuel included in the rental price?

You pick up the car with the tank full and return it with the tank full. We will recommend suitable fuels for specific vehicles.

Are fuel included in the rental price?

You pick up the car with the tank full and return it with the tank full. We will recommend suitable fuels for specific vehicles.

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